Ava Vanderstarren

I love to travel - it is one of my favourite hobbies!

People often say things to me like "I don't have money to travel" or "You're so lucky." Yes, I am incredibly lucky, and I've also designed my life to be that way. I don't spend much money on other hobbies when I'm home. I don't go out very often and I don't buy "things" that I don't need. I live very simply and save my money so that I can go on a few awesome vacations a year. Planning a trip is half the fun! I love to obsess about things and daydream, and post-trip I love to reminisce and go through the photos. I`ve chosen a career where I can take time off of my work whenever I want (but if I don't work I don't get paid). Let me be clear: I'm not rich, I'm an artist. But I make it work because I want it. I'm rich in experiences.

Here are some of the journeys I've been on...

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